Europe Express tour


Hi all just wondering who else is going on the europe express tour from 19th april until the 29th april. this is my first time travelling and i wanted to chat with the people ill be spending time with in europe. So excited to travel. :slight_smile:


Hi Ashleigh, I’m also going on this tour. I’m glad to finally hear of someone else doing it! This will be my first trip out of Australia and I’m travelling solo, so I’m pretty excited (and nervous!). Really looking forward to meeting everyone. :slight_smile:


hey anna thanks for replying. glad to hear of other people from aus are coming. im going a day early and staying two days after the tour as well. are you flying in the same day as the tour?


I’m also arriving the day before the tour and I’m staying in London for five nights afterwards. I’m just really hoping they’ve got the numbers they need to confirm departure!


yes i hope they confirm it as well. really looking forward to going. im staying at the hostel where the tour departs from for my extra nights. where bouts are you staying for your extra days?


It departs from the Clink right? I’m staying there when I get first get there too :slight_smile: Who are you flying with? I haven’t booked accommodation yet for the rest of my time there, because I’m not too sure where I actually want to explore yet. The Clink seems to be in a pretty good location so I’ll probably just end up there too.


yeah its the clink. im flying with malasia airlines both ways, get to stop in kuala lumpur but cant leave the airport cause its a short stopover. ive got one thing on my list of places to explore in london and its the british musuem. i think ill just go on one of those hop on hop off bus tours as well. who are you flying with ? oh and what time do you get in to london. i get there at like 5:50 am the day before. :slight_smile:


Museums are definitely on my list too and I’d love to try and squeeze in some castle tours. I’m flying China Southern- from what I’ve heard they have a terrible rep with delays but fingers crossed I’ll get lucky. :slight_smile: if all goes to plan I’ll be arriving at Heathrow at 3:25pm. It’d be great to meet up beforehand if we’re up to it. I think I’ll probably be too excited for jet lag to set in anyway!


yes we should ill probably just go wondering around the first day so if we meet up at the hostel when you get there we could just chat, maybe find a nice cafe or something. are you finding your own way to the hostel from the airport or cathing a taxi? im taking the underground when i get there. its gonna be cool.


That sounds great. :slight_smile: I’ve opted for airport transfers with Topdeck so they’ll be picking and dropping me off.


thats ok with the transfers. i only opted for a transfer when i am going home. i wanted to try out the underground. i wanted to ask where abouts from tasmania you were from cause i lived in st marys on the east coast for 3 years.


I was going to try it out as well, but then I was reminded by my friends that I have the inability to pack ‘light’ so I would probably fail trying to drag my bag around, haha. I’m from Devonport, I’ve just come back from a weekend at St Mary’s actually :slight_smile:


haha thats funny my best advice was to pack my bag, unpack it then take half away and repack. i think ill be okay, do you know many people in st marys?


Hmm, good idea. I really want to try and go there with as little a possible so I can buy without stressing about weight limits. No I don’t really, i just did a stopover on the way to St. Helens. Where abouts in NSW are you from?


Hello my names Jeff im from south africa im also booked and paid for this tour departing 19th of april also hope it gets a gauranteed departure date soon:)glad to see other people also already booked


hi jeff its good to hear of someone not from australia going on the tour. i think we all hope it gets guarenteed departure. im looking forward to meeting lots of different people.
Anna im from a place called noraville on the central coast of nsw. its about an hour and a half north of sydney. :slight_smile: and im gonna leave plenty of room to buy clothes and souvenires from there. also gonna need to extend my stomach , lol .


:slight_smile: howsit Ashleigh ,Yeah stoked it’s not a bunch of only South Africans going. I will be joining the tour in Paris and then staying in Belgium for a few days and South of France for a few days after the tour. Having so many headaches with my visa seems South Africans are not liked much by the rest of the world. I Live in a “city” called Polokwane it’s way South Africa close to the Mozambique and Zimbabwe border wouldn’t recommend visiting it not much to see unless you go abit more further north into the mountainous area which is beautiful.Cape Town is a must though. My aunt and Uncle stay in Melbourne Australia.I have never been there but plan on going to visit later this year.


I’m so excited to try all the different foods and buy corny souvenirs, lol. :slight_smile: do you know when we’re supposed to find out if it’s going ahead or not?
Hi Jeff! Great to hear you’ve also booked, Looking forward to meeting you.


hope you get your visas sorted jeff! South Africa is on my list of places to see, my great great grandfoather was from south africe so it interests me a bit. You will enjoy australia when you visit. i havent been to melbourne personally but its a great place :slight_smile:
Anna im not sure when they confirm that the tour is departing, my travel agent is on holiday tomorrow until feb 28 so i cant ask him until then, but i just keep checking the availability page for our tour on the topdeck website. I might even email or ring topdeck in afew weeks to ask them. Yes to corny souvenirs and its a definate that im buying belgium chocolate!! :smiley:


thanks so much:-) well it’s looking good now my visa apointment is for next week already but have to wait for a letter of invitation from my friend in France first as the original has to be sent to me from France so crazy. Anna looking forward to meeting you too im sure we all goning to meet some unforgetable people on our travels.I spoke to Topdeck today online and they informed me that their are 17 people already booked for our tour so gauranteed departure looks promising:-)
Anna theres a app called topdeck meet and greet you can download and our tour is listed me and Ashleigh are on it sure others will join soon:-)