Europe Express September 22nd September-2nd October


Hey Guys,

I know it is really early, but has anyone booked the “Europe Express” trip 23th sep-2nd of oct. It would be great to get to know some people before we go.




Hi @emiddo

we booked the one departing on the 15th but we are trying to change to the one you are on departing on the 22nd of Sep


Hi! Yes it departs on the 22nd!


Hey em! I’ve just booked my tour too!! Woohoo! :slight_smile: I’m super excited. I’m 29 kiwi going on my first solo journey - so would love to connect! :smiley_cat:


Hey Girl! Have you downloaded the app yet!? It’s super easy to chat on there. Definitely so excited for this trip!


Oh no but I totes will! :slight_smile: Yay - cannot wait!!


I’m booked too!


I have booked this trip too!! Solo traveller from Canada :slight_smile: