Europe Express May 31st - June 10th


Hiii, I’m an 18 year old now solo traveling female, I was previously supposed to be traveling on this tour with a friend who has now had to cancel, so I will now be traveling alone! So if there is anyone who wants to talk beforehand or something that would be great as I’m now quite nervous about doing this tour by myself. {Smile}



Hey Lauren
I am also doing this tour solo. I have never done a tour like this before so quite nervous but very excited. Would be great to chat beforehand. I am in London so if you around we should definitely meet up. Let me know! Oh and I’m 23 :slight_smile:


Oh that’s great! And I agree, it would definitely be good too. I will be in London on the 28th, so I have that time before the tour begins :slight_smile:


Hey Lauren
Get in touch when you are in London. My email add is :slight_smile: