Europe Express May 18th


[color=00ccff][font=Georgia]Hi Everyone,
I am going on the May 18th trip for the Europe Express and I am traveling alone! I am super excited and really nervous. I would like to try and meet people before we leave. I will also be in London the day before touring and the day after!



Hi there! I am actually also going on the May 18th Europe Express on my own as well! I’m happy to see I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:


Yay!! I am so happy that I found another person : ) Are you starting in London?


Yes! I will probably get there on the 17th, so I can try to figure out where to put my luggage and stuff, haha, since I won’t be bringing it all with me. Then after I might stay a day or two before heading back to the US. :slight_smile: What about you?


I get there on the 17th around 12 and then might sightsee a little. I think the tour is done the 28th and I am touring all day in London on the 29th and then leave on the 30th. Are you leaving some of your clothes at the hostel? That would be a good idea because I was concerned with how little we could pack.