Europe Express June 29-July 10 2012



My best friend, Clara and I are going to the Europe Express, and this is our very first time going on a trip together! We want to thank Topdeck for being the tour operator…and this will be a make it or break it situation! Is there anyone else that has booked for this trip?




I’ve booked this trip as well; although now that I say this I should probably confirm that everything is set!

This’ll be my first time abroad, so it should be quite the adventure. Looking forward to 11 days of people, culture and wandering!


Alright! That sounds wonderful! My friend and I will arrive in London a day earlier before the tour date. And we will be staying one more post night in London as well. We are totally excited! Hope everything is set and ready for you, Mr.Bosch.



Hi Guys and Girls, I’m also booked onto this trip! First time! :slight_smile: Can’t Wait!!! I’m staying the night before at the Click as well, see you there.



I have about 4 days in London to wander and soak it all in. Should be enough time! I fly out the very next day when the tour gets in, so it’ll be a rough awakening when I get home.

Seems we have a bunch of newbies! I like it. I’m looking forward to it as well. It’ll be a good way to figure out where to go back to!


I know i’m going to be the token brit!


I’m booked on this trip too :slight_smile: First time travelling overseas and I’ll be by myself too, so a bit nervous!
I’m staying at the Clink 3 nights before we depart. Can’t wait!


Hello everyone!

One more month to go! So excited! Anyone planning on doing some excursions during the tour?

I plan on skydiving. B-)



Hi everyone!! I’m seriously considering booking this trip for this date and I’m super excited! But I will be traveling solo and it’s my first time overseas alone, so I’m pretty nervous about that. Do any of you know if there’s other ways to chat with all of our tourmates beforehand? Or is the forum the only method of doing so? I would love to get to know everyone ahead of time! :slight_smile:

And imperfectcaprico, I also plan on skydiving! ;D


Hi everybody!!

I just booked this trip as well!
Not my first time overseas by myself but first time on a Topdeck tour! Should be sweet!!
Going to the US before flying into London!! Ahhh soooo keen!
Staying the night before and night after the tour at the Clink hostel so should see some of you then!

Hey kmc88, I think the forum is the best way to chat to people, but you can click on someone’s user name and add them as ‘buddies’

Looking forward to the trip!




Aloha everyone!

3 more weeks! Cannot wait to meet everyone! I am going to pick up my travel documents and tickets in a few days!

kmc88–I agree with Maddamn.Maddie that the forum is the best way to chat to the tourmates. Sweet that you are planning to go skydiving! I can do it a lot cheaper in Canada, but skydiving in Swiss Alps, Switzerland is a one in a life time opportunity!

Is anyone going to redeem the free (not really free, you have to pay a purchase fee of some sort) Global SIM card by Topdeck?

Other than that, hope everyone is having good days!



Looking forward to the trip; and luckily I managed to get a new lense for my camera before leaving. So I’m looking forward to the photo opportunities!

Not planning on the SIM Card, but am curious. I bought some skype credit for my ipod in hopes that it’ll be enough (am also hoping wifi is fairly prevalent). I also got a Skype Subscription, so I have unlimited calling minutes to north america anyways.

Fingers crossed wifi is everywhere I suppose!


hi everybody!
I just booked this trip too!.. First time overseas by myself and I must say I’m pretty nervous.
I’m staying the night after the tour

can’t wait to know you!


heyy! i will be on this tour too with my boyfriend, we are so excited to meet everyone and travel all over europe! we are going to be in london from the 25th and staying at the clink the night before so come find us! :smiley:

ahh so excited! i probably wont be skydiving but im definitely in for everything else. blake on the other hand will definitely do skydiving!!

sarah and blake xxxx


Hello Everyone!

Don’t you all wish for this day to come any sooner or what?!

I was just reading through Topdeck’s Predeparture Information and we cannot use our credit cards to pay for optional excursions! I was planning to use my credit card to pay for skydiving…I would not know how I would feel carrying lots of money… :frowning:

Looking forward to the trip!!! Cannot wait!



So many people! Lets hope the weather is nicer then London!!!

Can’t wait to meet you all. Still looks like I’m the only Brit… The one and Only :slight_smile:

Skydiving would be amazing… just trying to justify spending that when it can be done cheaper… my thinks a last minute decision is in order.

See you all soon ;D B-)

Kate x


hi guys!

great to see that there’s a little conversation happening here. i’m coming along to this tour as well and to be honest not quite sure what to expect! not sure what to pack either… i really should get started! looking forward to meeting all of you in london!



Hi Guys,

I am in the tour too~ Hope everyone is doing good!

I am joining you guys in Pairs… anyone same as me? In fact, I wanna confirm with you guys my meeting place in Paris… what is the address of the hotel we staying in Paris? Is it IBIS Budget Aubervilliers?



Hello Huric,

I am just looking through my itinerary, and attach there is a list of hotels we would be staying. The hotel in Paris is as follow:

ETAP Aubervilliers
53-61 Rue De La Commune De Paris
Paris, 93300
Phone #: +33 143521166

Hope that helps. Good luck and see you in Paris!



Hi Steffi,

Tks for the update. cya soon~