Europe Express June 15th-June 25th 2018


Hi ! I will be doing th Europe Express tour from June 15-June 25th and i wanted to see who else was on the trip. I am 19 traveling alone from California. (: would be great to hear from someone else on the trip.


I might be on this trip if I can get the week off from work.


Aw hopefully you do! Good to see someone else interested in the trip (:


Hi Jazmyne!

Doing this same trip in May 2019!

How was it? What tips can you lend? Anything you can let me know would be so greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Hello hello!
Do you happen to have an Instagram ? If so send me a message on there my name on there is luvleeej and I’ll tell you all about the trip.
If not Message me on Facebook Jazmyne Todd (:
I’d love to tell you some tips !