Europe express 8th June


Hey guys,
I am going on this tour with 2 friends,
We are looking to get to know a few others who are
Also on this tour


hey Michael,
I’m Amy, I am going on this tour 2, just myself :slight_smile:
Bit nervous but it’l b awesum!


Hi Amy!
Is this your first time on a tour?
We are all pretty nervous! It’s our first time!
I’m coming with one of my best mates and his sister!
No idea how u r going by yourself, I’d be 2 scared haha!


Mint, yup it is, im off 2 the Uk 4 a holiday so thought id do a lil tour b4 hand,
hardly traveld, only been 2 auz couple of times so guna b an eye opener! :slight_smile:
Wen r yas arriving in London?


we arrive in london a few days before the tour, then we are off to greece after!
ah ive never been over seas! where abouts in aus have u been 2?


Lucky, Greece will b fab! Gold Coast & Melbourne! Love Auz, have been always thought about doing the jump 2 live over the ditch as a few of my friends have & its a beautiful country!


Hi All, This is Sarah and Rob. We are so excitied about this tour!! ;D Its good to see you some of you guys are newbies to the travel scene - we aren’t quite so, but it will be Rob’s first trip on the continent of Europe!
I can’t believe that there are already a number of Aussies booked on this trip!


Hi Sarah & Rob!
Yeah we are all new to this haha!
where abouts have you guys travelled to?