Europe Express 4th May - 14th May


Hey ! is anyone doing the Europe express starting 4th May? It would be great to get to know you !


Hi! I am doing this tour as well. I will be staying at the departure hostel for the first couple of days.


hey guys :slight_smile: so i am extremely nervous because i have never travelled alone, but i am graduating this year from University and i think it is about time! so i am doing this tour :slight_smile: i am 21, i’d love to get to know you guys. maybe you can calm my nerves! haha I am Sarah btw.


Hi Sarah
I know what you mean I am travelling with my friend through Croatia but we are going our separate ways after that so it can be a bit overwhelming in London on my own then doing a tour with know one I know. How long are you staying in Europe for? Are you just doing this tour? My name is Jemma.


Hey Jemma!
I am starting Europe by doing this tour and then when we end up in London i plan on staying there for two days (would love to meet some people on the tour who are willing to travel london with me!) and then i am flying to france to meet my cousin and we are travelling through Italy for a month. I am excited to meet you! But yes, it is definitely nerve racking. I’ve literally never travelled alone before so i am freaking out. So happy we have this forum for people like me though! lol


Hey Sarah
Don’t worry too much about travelling by yourself on this tour as most people will be doing the same it’s good we can chat to people before we get there. I will be in London after the trip as I am on a working visa, will you be in London any days before the trip. I am getting so excited about this trip can’t wait to have a holiday after working for so long.


yeah definitely, that’s why i chose to do a tour. that way i am actually with people and won’t get lost hahaha i am not in London before the tour, but i will be after the tour! Do you have facebook? we should keep in touch


Yep I have facebook I will see if I can private message you to give you my full name


Hi Guys, I’m Danica, i’m also a part of this tour group with 3 of my friends. :slight_smile: So excited cant wait, its our 1st time in Europe :-[


Hi Danica, Its not far away now I am getting really excited its my first time to Europe as well. Are you starting in London.


Hey danica! It is my first time too, i am extremelyyy nervous! you are so lucky you have your friends coming with you, i wish mine were able to :frowning: i am sarah btw :slight_smile:


Oh Wow! i didnt check back in a long time thinking no one had responded ! very well excited now ! Hi Sarah, Jemma and Danica I am Rajee, would love to get to know you all before the trip! Don’t worry Sarah we are all there so you wont feel nervous for long ! Lets all get in touch on facebook and get ready for a fab time. There are 2 more travelling with me so there is quite a few of us already!

Anyone planing on the skydive? :wink:


Hey Rajee :slight_smile:
i actually messaged you on facebook the other day because i saw that you commented on the topdeck page!
I am so excited and super nervous. But i am sure that will subside once we start the tour…hopefully! haha It will take some convincing…maybe lots…but i am thinking about the skydive lol :-[


Hey everyone, I’m Jamin, I’m planning to be part of this tour too. I’m still working out the details with the travel company but I already booked off time from work :slight_smile: Its going to be my first time in Europe, and though I’ve travelled alone once before, I’ve never done a tour through so many diff countries!! I’m pretty excited and hope the weather is nice too.


Hi Jamin
We are started to get a few people on here now. Not long until the tour am very excited as its my first time to Europe though I am going to Croatia first. Is anyone staying at the Clink Hostel before the tour.


I’ve always wanted to backpack and this might be the closest thing to it, I’m hoping it will be super fun. I’m excited to meet people from all over the world too. The company I booked with told me I should upgrade the first night to a hotel rather than staying at the hostel, I’m kind of scared about doing that though…what do you guys think?


oh hey!! a fellow canadian :D! where abouts are you from? and it is my first time travelling alone…ever! so i am happy we will all be together and such haha is anyone starting in Paris btw? i feel as if i am the only one lol


i’m from toronto, where abouts are you? i’ll be staying at the clink hostel on the first night. will all you guys be bringing sleeping bags?


omg! i am literally 45 minutes away from toronto. i am from Hamilton haha i am bringing a sleep sheet…sleeping bags take up too much room lol


Hey guys and girls :slight_smile:
Glad to see i wont be the only one doing this tour on their own!!! This is my first trip over to europe and cannot wait to get there, just have to put up with work for another 3 weeks haha.