Europe Express 31 August 2012


Hi there! :slight_smile: On the countdown for this tour to start! This will be my first overseas trip, I am travelling solo and will be staying at the Clink78 for 2 nights before the tour starts. I have found Laura22 who is also on this trip, would love to hear from anyone else going to be joining us! 6 weeks and 2 days to go!!! Woohoo! ;D


Hey Mel,

I receieved your email so will email you back soon :slight_smile:
I am so glad i have finally found someone else who will be on the same tour.
Only thing is, is that i arrive into paris at 5pm at night on the 31st August :frowning: so will have to go straight to the place we are staying at in Paris and then try and find you all.
A little nervous as it will be a day after you have all travelled from London to paris and have met eachother.

Not long now though! yay!! :slight_smile:

Keep in touch.

Laura. :slight_smile:


Hi Laura

I wouldn’t worry about joining the tour later, I’m sure there will be others joining up later. Plus now you will know me! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hi mel and Laura22, myself and 2 other friends are starting this tour from clink 78 hostel! We are staying a night before the tour starts ! This is our 1st time o.s and looking very forward to it!! 😄


Hey Emily,

Yay! awesome! cant wait to meet you all.
Email me at and we can chat would be cool to get to know you :slight_smile:

Laura. :slight_smile:


Hi Emily!

Woohoo! Glad we are getting more people making contact! That’s great! We will have to catch up at the Clink the night before! ;D

Stay in contact!

Mel :slight_smile:


Very excited! Picked up my travel documents from the travel agent today and I’ve ordered my travel sim. It’s getting closer… :wink:


hi there how you doin wow finally found sum1 whos goin on the same trip also leaving on the 31st august :slight_smile: and travelling solo, hope to hear from you ;D


:slight_smile: hi there hope you dont mind the message, also travelling solo on the same trip would love to get to know you guys ;D


Hi Shaz! :slight_smile:

Great to hear from you! I have sent you a private message with my email B-)

Hope we get some nice warm weather in Europe. I am so over winter here in Australia! I need sunshine and warmth!


lol tell me about it this winter sucks its super cold in SA xx( i heard its autum in europe so weather is not too bad
:slight_smile: ive sent u an email hope to hear from you mwahz ;D


One week! Woo hoo!!!


Till I fly out that is…