Europe express- 28sept - 8oct


any1 else on this trip havn’t booked yet bt goin 2 v soon thats europe express 28sept till 8oct. would b gr8 to chat b4 we head off on our adventure :smiley: xx lv carrie xx


hey carrie , im going on this trip with my friend. we’ve both already paid , all we have left is to book our flights.


Cool! u on facebook? will u b stayin at clink b4 and after the trip? Where u from? gettin pretty excited for the trip its gonna b amazin. I’ve paid a deposit so jst need 2 pay the rest off at some point. R u a boy or a girl if u donr mind me askin lol cuz jordan can b for both. Feel really stupid askin lol!! tlk 2 u soon x


Awesome, more people! a fellow Canadian ! and Carrie :slight_smile: <- as we are facebook friends already, lol


I am on Facebook “Jordan Skrill Cleal” ,yeah me and my friend will definitely stay at the clink the night before , we are staying an extra 2 nights after the trip in London but haven’t decided on a hotel or staying at the clink again. I’m a guy aha.
Where in Canada are you from if you don’t mind me asking delly


Hey all, me + my sister have booked for the 28th departure :slight_smile: We also booked our pre/post night at Clink. Cant wait to meet everyone… Cheers!


so excited for this trip! not long now! who’s up for goin on the JUNGFRAU EXCURSION.? really wonna do this but it says min 10 so come on guys!! heys Jewls247 u and ur sis on facebook would b nice 2 chat b4 we go. I’m also stayin at clink pre and post nite so prehaps we all can meet up?! sound gd 2 u all?! :smiley: XX


We’re going on this trip as well B-)


Hello everyone! There’s seems to be quite a few Canadians on this trip! I’m from Winnipeg.


Hey, i am trying to join this tour,but as i am booking it quite its not guaranteed as yet… but fingers crossed can squeeze in…


hope u’ll b able to join jessy, the more the merrier. will u b travelling alone?? :slight_smile: carrie xx


Hey guys!
We are booked on this tour too! Not long to go! We are kiwis in mid 20s :slight_smile:
Carrie, we are keen to go on the Jungfrau excursion too!
Look forward to meeting you all :slight_smile:
Rachel and Kathy


Yay!!! Just got confirmation that i can fit on the tour… Yeah Carrie I’m travelling on my own… I am staying at the clink the night before… I’m keen to do the Jungfrau excursion too! I leave Australia on the 12th of Sept, its coming up quickly!


hi, my wife and i are going in this tour too. I think we are the only brazilians in this group… it will be very nice meet you all.


super excited ! Less than a month to go :slight_smile: see u soon !


so excited for this now!! will deffo b a trip of a lifetime :slight_smile:


Only a couple more weeks! Can’t wait to meet all of you there! :slight_smile: ;D


we want to go on the Jungfrau excursion too…
and drink a lot of beer on Oktoberfest


glad people want to do the jungfrau excursion. think that will deffo b a highlight!!


2 weeks…excited much!!!