Europe Express 26th August-5th September 2016


Hey guys, anyone planning on doing this trip? Just doing a short one because I’ll have already done the Greek Island Hopper!
I’m a solo traveller from Australia :slight_smile:
Cheers xx


Hey, I’m thinking of going on this one. Seems like a jam packed trip :smile: How was the Greek island hopper? I’ve never travelled with top deck before. This would be the first!

Solo from Toronto :grin:


Hey Christine! I haven’t done my Greek Island Hopper yet, I’m doing it about two weeks before the Europe Express which should be good! Are you planning on doing the same date as me for the Europe Express?
Can’t wait to meet you!


Hii! One month and a few days left! I’ll be traveling solo as well from US. I’ll be arriving a day earlier on Aug 25th. Come eat with me! <3


Hello there! I´m Paulina … I´m a solo traveler from Mexico, I´ll be arriving on Aug 24th to London, anyone there to visit the Big Ben? What Hostel would you recommend? See you in Paris!!


Hi all,

I’m also going on the Europe express trip on 26th August, travelling solo :slight_smile: Glad to finally hear of others who are doing it also! I’m from the UK. Not long now!


Does the Europe Express coincide with the Western Spirit tour leaving the same day on August 26th? If so I will be joining for the first 9 days of the tour.