Europe Express 24th July


I’m off on my first Top deck tour in a month. I was wondering if anyone else has done the Europe Express tour before?
Or is anyone also going on the 24th July?

I’m a solo traveller! :slight_smile:


Hi Olivia

I would be joining you on the same tour from London. Travelling solo for the first time.

Looking forward to meet you… :slight_smile:


Hey, I’ll be going on the europe express on July 24th also as a solo traveler for the first time too! can’t wait to be there and meet you all =)


Glad I’m not the only solo traveller! Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Not long to go now ;D
Is anyone else booked on to this trip?
Just trying to pack my stuff now!


My flight to London departs within an hour actually. Anyone going to be there a day or two beforehand? I’ll have a whopping two nights to get over my jetlag and enjoy the city as much as I can before we head out on the bus. Pretty excited.

See you soon!

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I’m staying at the Umi hotel the night before, ready for the 6am start!
London is amazing! Definitely check out the city as much as you can before! :slight_smile: