Europe Express 22 April 2016


Put your hands up if you’re booked in to this tour! I’m all on my lonesome and it’s my first trip overseas, coming from Brisbane. Am I crazy?! Anyone else going solo? I hope someone is…Muchly excited/terrified haha :grinning:


Hey Sara, Im doing that tour :smile: ive only ever been to bali so this will be my real overseas trip. sooooo excited… im not going solo but looking forward to meeting new people…xx


oh oh I only just saw your comment! I was thinking ‘man is ANYONE going on this damn tour!?’ haha :smile:
I feel I am over-packing and won’t use all of the ‘just in case’ crap I’ve bought…but meh, who doesn’t need a 6 port powerboard and 12 mini tissue packs right?
I’m going to Japan for a about 30hrs first, staying in London for about 6 days then staying at Wombats the night before we leave so I don’t have to commute at some crazy hour of the morning to meet the tour bus. Are you staying there the night before as well?


Better late than never, but I’ll also be doing this trip Sara! Going solo :slight_smile: And i’m going to be staying at the Wombats the night before! So glad to hear i’m not the only solo one ha


Oh yayyy a solo person! :smiley: So glad! I was starting to think hardly anyone is going on this damn tour lol. Where are you coming from? I have never been overseas, so I feel like Im crazy doing this haha


I’m coming from Sydney! yourself? Oh wow, your very organised, still haven’t got my currency yet… But I did just buy my luggage so i’m getting there. If you’ve never been overseas before I think the tour is the best way to go :slight_smile: are you doing anything after the tour? Just checked online and our tour isn’t even completely booked out yet ha


Oh sweet! I wasn’t sure if this tour is just geared towards Aussies or everyone…seems just Aussies perhaps. I’m coming from Brisbane :smile:
I’m possibly way too organised and won’t need half of the crap I’m bringing lol. But hey, its a learning experience I guess
Definitely happy I went the tour for my first overseas trip (makes me freak out a smig less), although my 30 hour stop over in Japan is completely alone 0_0 eep! I’m currently stressing about getting on the right bus from Haneda airport to get to a traditional Oiran photoshoot in Asakusa! gaaah! Then I’m in London for 6 days, then the tour, then back to London for 2 days before flying back home to Brisbane.

I wonder if we will have a semi-empty bus? More room to stretch out haha :smiley:


Very last minute but I just booked this trip as well :grinning:
Solo traveller from Canada!!
So excited to adventure throughout Europe!! I hope we have great weather :sunny:
What date are you girls arriving in London?
Wondering if I should give myself 2 or 3 days before the tour starts to visit London


I love Canadians haha!! One of my good friends stayed here in Aus for a year and had to go back to Canada :frowning:

Looks like there’s more solo travelers than I thought there would be. So glad we’re all going to be in the same boat then! I’m arriving in London on the evening of April 15, so Iv got a solid 6 days to look at all the London touristy things :smiley:
Id give yourself a couple of days for jetlag and any last minute things you want to grab before the tour starts. Id recommend booking a bed at Wombats Hostel the night before, where the tour leaves from in London the next morning. It’s gonna make it so less stressful to make sure I’m at the pick up point by already sleeping there the night before.


Booked my flight… ill be arriving on the 19th!!
Giving myself 3 days to be all touristy in London :stuck_out_tongue:
Good call on Wombats… Looks like an awesome place!!
Getting so so soooo excited :grinning:


Saweeeet! Im all done now I think. Got all my extra tidbits to take with me and all thats left is to pack my bags. I leave in 12 days and 14hours eeeeeeeeep!! :smiley: I’m shitting myself haha. Everyone keeps saying how brave I am going overseas alone! I wonder if we will end up going through Belgium on the way back to London after recent events though :frowning:


Omg the count down is on. I leave aus on the 20th, cutting it very fine, lets hope im not too tired… i havent started packing yet, will organise this week… im sooo excited. 16 sleeps until i leave. Haha


Eep that is cutting it fine haha I leave Aus for Japan this Wednesday :smiley: