Europe Express 20th-30th July 2018


Hi everyone, is anyone on the Europe Express trip (London-London) leaving on 20th July? I’m travelling on my own, so it would be good to chat to some others also going :slight_smile:
Looking forward to it!


Hey there,

I am on this tour and also travelling on my own! I’ve never traveled Topdeck, but have heard good things! :+1:



Hi Ginny,

Great to hear from someone else who is going to be on the tour! I’ve heard good things too. I’m sure we’ll have a great time. Are you planning to stay at the London hostel the night before we leave?



Hi Nat,

Yes I’m actually getting to London a few days before the tour to explore the city! I will be staying at the Hostel before and after the tour. Is it your plan to stay at the Hostel before as well?




That sounds cool, lots to see in London!

Yes, I’ll probably stay in the hostel the night before, just to make it easier as we leave early the next day.



Hey there! Myself and two friends are going on this trip however we will be starting in Paris :slight_smile: I’m so excited!



Look forward to meeting you all in Paris! :slight_smile:


Hey guys,
Im in exactly the same boat! Im going to be spending a week in London before for touristy stuff. Im really excited to go on this trip and can’t wait to meet you all :slight_smile:
I had a friend just get back from the Europe Express and she had the best time!!


Hi Laura,

That’s so good to know that your friend had a great time! Won’t be long til we’re all setting off :slight_smile:
See you in London!



Nearly time to go girls! Is anyone taking a hairdryer or straighteners?


So exciting!! No hair appliances for me