Europe Express 2018 Sep 21 - Oct 01


Hey everyone, I’m considering buying a ticket for this trip since there are still a few tickets left. I would be traveling solo from the US. Just wondering if anyone else is traveling on their own for this trip?


Hey @JoseCo! I’m also thinking to go on Europe Express too but not til August 2019. Have you booked for Sept this year? And I would be travelling from Sydney, Australia. But sooo many other ones that I like too. Decisions decisions… :blush:


Not yet @tamtam89! Still thinking about it. I just feel I’m the only one booking for this for this trip haha. I know, tough decision. I guess I’ll just wait. But for sure I’ll be traveling.


Hey @JoseCo! I’m thinking Europe Express or Soho to Boho confuse little but i can join tour from 5th-Oct- 2018. are you flexible about dates?