Europe Express 2012 (HTND)


Any 1 else doin this trip (sept14-24) havn’t booked yet. Jst wondered if any1 else was on it b4 i do. Will b travelling solo. So thought it would b a gd to chat. hope 2 hear from u soon. :slight_smile:


myself and 2 friends are thinking of going! we also haven’t booked but i am really excited for it!



I am doing the europe express from Aug 31st-Sept 10th i will be travelling solo as well! join this 1! :slight_smile:



Passport arrived 2day so exciting!! will b booking soon! gonna go in sept sometime, who is goin when? any1 goin frm 14-24th? :slight_smile:


Hi Carrie,

I am going from August 31st-10th September :slight_smile: you should join this 1.
Really looking forward to it.

Laura. :slight_smile:


hey laura, r u stayin in clink a night b4 and after the trip? cuz i will b, it’ll b gd 2 meet up if i end up doin this trip that is?


hey Siobhan,
hav u booked ur trip yet. i’m goin 2 v soon.
will u b stayin in london the nite b4 and after. i will b. would b nice 2 meet up.
hope 2 hear frm u soon
carrie xx


Hey unfortunately i arrive into Paris on the 31st at 5pm at night so will have to go straight to the place we are staying at in Paris then try and find you all :frowning: a bit gutted as everyone would have met already.
Oh well i am sure i will be fine meeting you all a day later.

Really looking forward to it now. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: keep in touch.

Laura. :slight_smile:


Hello fellow travellers…

I am noob international traveller - and have bought a ticket for the SEPT 14 - 24 tour…

I am travelling solo on the tour - before that… I am spending a week in Sardinia for Sun n Bass festival - then to london for 5 or 6 days before the tour - staying at Clink for 1 night - then a nice hotel for the next 5 days

then after the tour - one night in london - then off to Berlin in the morning

xciting - need a holiday stat


Thats some travelling ur doin cntspk :smiley: so glad i’ve found sum1 on this trip (europe express 14-24 sept) was beginning 2 think i was the only 1!! hey r u on facebook would b easier 2 talk on there plus then i can see what u look like. Hope 2 hear frm u soon
carrie xx


Hey laura decided to deffo go on the 14-24 sept now bt hope u hav a fab time on ur trip nd maybe we’ll meet 1 day on another trip?! Carrie xx


I am on facebook… but you shouldnt judge my character based on my facebook behaviour.

and albert fish is a fake name :stuck_out_tongue:

my name is anthony

I wonder if we are the only ones going on the 14-24th :o



I’ve just booked for the Sept 14-24 trip, and will be doing a bit of travelling beforehand. I’m flying into London a week early and spending some time exploring. I’ll be travelling alone and would love to meet some people before I go!!!

Feel free to add me to facebook so that we can chat before we go on the trip :slight_smile:


hey Corey - i too will be in London a week before …

if you’re lonely and want to hit up the town in the evenings or whenever… let me know…

ill add you to facebook - look out for albert fish


Hi Carrie, sorry haven’t been on here for a few weeks, Def booked for the 14th to 24th! Will be staying at clink78 the night before and the night after the tour travelling with a couple of girlfriends. Can’t wait!


Hi everyone,

I’ve booked this visit for 12-22nd October. So excited!


Anyone keen to go on the Jungfrau Excursion??

Says minimum of 10 in the list of activities… I would love to, but not sure what to expect?? Admin?


Im going on the sep 28-oct 08 trip it’s definitely goin to be a great trip!
Anyone else going on these dates ? It would be great to get to know some of you before hand.


I’l be doing the 14th-24th september trip as well, also travelling solo.



Not long now… Ive only got 5 more work days… Then off to netherlands

Cant wait for the tour… I think the Swiss Alps will be the highlight