Europe Express 2012 (HTND)


Hey Topdeckers,

Looking for ppl on the Euro Express (HTND) July20th-July31st - 11 day tour - just to say whatsap. Your in my tour group

Please let me know if thats yoou :slight_smile:



Hey Kia87

I’m not on this tour but am on the Europe Express leaving 31 August. I haven’t found anyone on my tour yet :frowning: I hope you have lots of people answer and have a great time on your trip! Not long for you now! :slight_smile:


Thanks Mel - I hope so too…always good to see who you will be spending most of your holiday time with!



Hey Kia!

I’m booked in for this tour too! so excited :slight_smile: i’m travelling solo, wbu?

yarlz xx


Hey Kia and Yarlz!
I’m booked for the same tour. I’m so pumped for this trip. Tavelling solo too. This is going to be epic!


Hello everyone!!
I haven’t officially booked this tour yet, but I was wondering if anybody was planning to spend the night in London before the tour starts. If so, where will you be staying? I will also be traveling solo and would love to meet some tour mates before the trip! :slight_smile:


Yarlz & Jessica - Awsome! Gona be fun - Im sooo stoked.

Well Its me + 2 other girlfriends…were all aged 25-27. How about u ladies? Just got the itenrary and looks pretty good, googling the hotels to check that they aren’t crappy lol We plan on meeting the crew in the paris hotel and stayin an extra night before the trip starts.

Will you be following through the entire trip?



So I’m officially booked for this tour! :slight_smile: I will be starting and ending the tour in London, staying 1 night at the Clink hostel before the tour begins and after the tour ends. Anybody doing the same?

What makes me nervous is that I’m traveling alone overseas for the first time, and I will be at the hostel in London alone for a day. Never having been to London before, it would be nice to have someone to explore with! Is it easy to navigate London on your own?

Other than that, I’m super excited and cannot wait to meet everyone!


hey guys!
me and a buddy are joining you guys in paris. we are both super stoked.


Hi all,

I am joining the tour on the 29th June.

Can anyone tell me the address for the meetup in Paris on day1?




I will be staying in London the night before at the Clink 78 (Check in July 19th) I’ll leave a note at the front desk where I’ll be. Probably walking around. What is your name?
See you guys in 3 weeks!


Hey guys,

I’ll be doing the same - staying at Clink78 before and after the tour so if you guys want to meet up for lunch/dinner or squeeze in some sightseeing, we should organise something! i’ve made a facebook group for everyone doing our tour. (only got 3 people on there so far haha) do you guys have facebook? if you do, add me and i’ll add you guys to the fb group (just type my username into the search box and i should pop up (username - yarlzz) Super keen to meet all of you soon :slight_smile:


Hello to all that will be on the Europe Express July 20-30th tour…
Starting to count the days!!! ;D
Looking to see if there are any couples that will be on this trip?


I’m doing the tour leaving on 8th of july :smiley:


Hey anyone doing the tour starting 13 july? I meet up with the group in Paris and leave in Amsterdam… let me know if anyone is doing the same?


Hey Mel,

I will be on the same tour as you but i will be picking it up from paris.
You can email me at : if you want to chat.



Hey Mel,

I will be on the same tour as you! :slight_smile: excitiing!
Will you be joining it from london or Paris?

Laura. :slight_smile:


Only a few days left, guys! I am so excited! Can’t wait to meet everyone for a trip of a lifetime!