Europe Express 2011 (HTND)


Anyone else going to the Europe Express trip leaving on May 22nd?cuz I am (:


Hey Elisa… where booked for the 12th April :slight_smile: Have fun!!!


Hey Elisa,

I just sent through my deposit for the Europe Express trip leaving 22 May 2011 :slight_smile:

Looks like I’ll be seeing you then!



Yay im sooo happy someone finally responded! So are you a solo traveler or are you travelling with someone?


hello! i’m a solo traveler. i’ll be joining the tour in paris though as i’ll already be in italy so i’m popping across to join the tour in paris. should be great! are you a solo traveler too? i’m from brisbane, queensland, australia, female and turn 25 this year if you were interested in my stats haha :slight_smile:


Hi I’m also a solo traveller from Sydney and I’ll be doing the same tour leaving may 22!


Okay I will see you at Paris then. and Yes I am a solo traveler as well, kinda nervous but excited. Well im 19 and im from California. Will you guys be staying in London for a couple days after the tour ends?Anyways Im excited to meet you both Amirah and Eloise :slight_smile:


Hello all, I am from Singapore.
I am interested in this tour too! Travelling alone for the first time :slight_smile:


Ooh, I’m in too!

I’m from Scotland, living in London, solo traveller etc etc.

Glad to see it won’t just be me and the tour guide on the bus :slight_smile:

Looking forward to May.


Just wondering if anyone of you will be in London on the 21st May?
Will you all be staying in Umi Hotel since the next day departing time is around 6am?


I will be.How about you? When will you be at London?


I guess I will have to stay a night in Umi hotel on the night before the tour.
I will be coming down from Manchester but have yet to book my train tickets. Probably ard evening time.


Alrighty. When will you guys be arriving in london?


haha so funny as i am goin to be in in Italy too and joinin the trip in Paris. I am a solo traveller from NZ :slight_smile:


Nice one Pree!! So you’re joining at the Paris hotel at about 5pm? Glad I’m not the only one joining there, I was worried I’d be behind the eight ball if everyone bonded on the bus trip from London to Paris haha. See you there!


Less than 2 months!!! Getting tooo excited!


I am excited to meet all of you too.
Excited yet nervous at the same time.


Exactly 1 more month!!!


Hey everyone!

I’ll be on this trip! I’m also a solo traveler. I’m 20 and from the U.S. (Ohio), but I’m living in London right now while I study there for the semester. I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

I’m not staying at the Umi hotel the night before since I waited to book and the only rooms left are too pricey, but I actually am staying in a hotel right by it the night before since it’s such an early start. If anyone wants to meet up the night before, that’s cool too. I’m looking forward to this trip!


Hey All,

Will be on the trip as well. Just booked a few weeks ago. Girlfriend and I will be travelling together. Both 25 and from Sydney, Australia. We will be flying into London the day before and staying at Umi hotel. We will be staying in London afterwards for a few days. Look forward to seeing you all on the trip!