Europe Express 2010


Hi[br][br]I’m going on the Europe Express 2010 trip on 16 May. Just wondering if there is anyone else on here who is also on that trip?


I am also going to the Europe Exrpess, but i will be going on 6/13… [^]


I’m going, but on May 30th. Is anyone else on that trip?


My sister and I are going on the May 30th trip as well!


Glad to hear I’m not the only one going! Are you and your sister going early or staying late? I think I’m going to get there a day early and stay at the hotel where we meet in London.


We get into London on May 27th. We aren’t staying at the hotel where the trip meets because it was a little pricey but the night before the trip we will be at a hotel that’s about a block away.


Maybe I’ll shop around a bit more for a hotel. As long as I can walk to the pick up point, it’s probably worth saving some money (looks the the pick up hotel some sketchy reviews too).


This is the hotel we are staying at:
Its a pretty basic hotel but it was a ton cheaper.


That looks like a much better deal and it’s still a short walk to the pick up point. Thanks for the info. I think I’ll probably go with that myself.


Hi -

I will be attending (maybe +1). See you there!