Europe Express 12 - 22 of AUGUST 2016



Anybody going to this trip?, Europe Express from 12 to 22 of August? I’m going alone and I’m looking forward to meet you ppl!




I am gong on this trip hopefully with a mate, its my first ever travelling trip and in fact my first ever time abroad lol but I’m really looking forward to it.


Hey Cindy,

I am going on this trip and travelling alone as well. Looking forward to the trip.


Hey guys!

Surely we will have so much fun! We are almsot there! (:


Me hopefully, hoping to book this trip asap and will be travelling alone! Where is everyone from? :slight_smile:


Great Anna!

I’m from México, and you?


I’m from England :slight_smile:


I am coming from Canada. Where is everyone staying the day before the trip? Wombat hostel?


I’m staying at wombats hostel the day before the trip, I think almost everyone it’s staying there (:


I just made my reservations at Wombat Hostel. Cool, See you all soon :slight_smile:


I live in London so won’t be staying the night before, just officially booked though and can’t wait to meet you all soon!


I’m from Luton a town kind of near London so staying at the wombats the night before, on 3 more weeks to go guys :slight_smile:


10 days to go guys!