Europe Express 05th August - 15th August 2016


Hey! Just seeing if there’s anyone doing this trip?? :slight_smile:


Hi Sarah! Yes I will going on this trip!


Hi Lauren! Oh yay someone else! Are you travelling solo and where are you from?


Hey I am travelling solo from brisbane australia :slight_smile: where are you from?


Oh awesome! I am travelling solo from New Zealand! When do you fly over?


I fly over on the 3rd :slight_smile: so will be there on the 4th. What about you?


Oh cool I fly over July 31st so arrive August 1st :slight_smile:


Awesome! Are you staying at the hostel that it is left from? I was thinking about booking a night there at the beginning and the end.


I haven’t booked it yet but I am planning to! How long are you in London for after? :relaxed:


Hey :slight_smile: I am in London until the 20th August then I am doing a trip around the UK for 3 weeks :slight_smile:


Oh awesome that’ll be cool! have you booked your night at wombats yet? :blush:


No not yet but I am going too today :slight_smile:

What about you?


Cool I am booking mine today which dorm did you pick to go into? A mixed one or an all female one? :blush:


Hey sorry I wasnt able to book it yesterday! So I am still yet to book it. I havent stayed in a dorm before. What would you prefer? :slight_smile:


Hey do you want to add me on Facebook? Might be easier to chat. My name is Sarah Morris. :blush:


Yeah sure :slight_smile: what does your profile picture look like?


Two girls holding drinks in their hands lol :blush: hope that helps!


Okay I am having trouble. Could i grab your email and I could search by that please?


Yep sure it’s :blush:


Thanks! Found you and I sent a friend request :slight_smile: