Europe camping


Just wondering if you are able to star gaze when doing camping trips. Thinking about the European paradiso camping trip, seems like a relatively new tour. I know the campsites are generally a fair way away from the town but not sure if there would still be too much light pollution on the campsites to see stars? If other people who have done camping trips before would know? Thanks.


Hi, I did a trip back in September that Topdeck don’t seem to run any more but I did camp at the Paris, Swiss Alps, Florence and Rome stops that are on the European Paradiso and I can say that there was definitely the opportunity for star gazing in the Swiss Alps. Someone on my trip got an amazing photo at night of the stars in Switzerland, you’re in a small town in a valley and its absolutely beautiful at night (and in the day of course). Paris, Florence and Rome I think there were opportunities as well but I can’t guarantee. Its very much up to you what you do with Topdeck they take you from place to place and help you out but at the same time you can leave that and do whatever you please. If you’re considering doing a trip I would 100% recommend just doing it, currently looking at my next one.