Europe 2017 Travels


Hi i’m Sam, i’m 20 and a solo traveller from New Zealand. I’m booked on the Spirit of Europe May 30th, but will be spending a long time after the trip backpacking around Europe. If anyone is keen to join me before or after doing your Topdeck trip, i’d be keen have explore Europe with you! Hit me up if you’re keen :slight_smile:


Hi Sam, I’m heading over to Europe at the end of April and going on the Europe Inspired on the 5th May! I’m planning on working after that (starting in the UK) till maybe December but really leaving it pretty open. Are you planning on working while you are over there? I’m Australian :slight_smile:



Hi Joanna! Sounds very much the same as me! I’m arriving in the UK at the end of April and doing the Spirit of Europe on the 30th May! Will probably travel a bit after my tour and then planning to work after that in the UK for several months! It seems as though we have very similar plans! :slight_smile: Should definitely meet up and do a bit of travelling!


Hey Sam!! Wow, that’s awesome. It will be my first time travelling overseas solo so would be great to able to meet people along the way :slight_smile: My name is Joanna Hopkins and I live in Bundaberg, Australia if you wanna add me on fb. I’m extremely excited and can’t believe how quickly the time is going ahha.


Hey Sam! I’m doing the Spirit of Europe in July but am also travelling for several months after! I’m planning on getting a UK visa also and see where I end up! I’ll be heading to Greece after my tour at the start of August if you haven’t started working by then or don’t have any plans yet! :grin:


Hey Tamara! Oh that sounds great, I’d be pretty keen to explore Greece so if things work out at the time, I’d totally be up for that!


Heyy! I’m going on the Mountains & Beaches tour as well! (It’s the same as the Europe inspired one, it just finishes a bit early!)


Hi sam! I’ll be doing the summer compass tour and a London trip straight after in june, but late june early july I’ll be visiting my home town Budapest, Hungary if you need a local to help you get around and show you all the best spots tourist never hear about for a few days!
Let me know your plans!


Hey All :slight_smile:
I am heading to Europe in July and looking to do the Mega European so will finish up end of August! I am from tassie and have booked a one way ticket so looking at traveling and working after that as I have my U.K. Passport. Let me know what all your plans are :slight_smile: