Europe 2008


does anyone know when 2008 dates come out? I really want to do the Spirit of Europe next year.[br][br]Cheers[br]Leeana


Hi Leeana,[br][br]The new Europe brochure should be avaialable from late October, please check the website for updates![br][br]Best wishes,[br][br]Anita[br]


Thanks!![br][br]I cant wait to get my hands on it!!


I must be a total nutter, cos i keep checking the forum and the webpage every day!![br][br]Hurry up Top Deck!! I’m going nuts!!


Hi, [br]This is the same one that I was waiting on (Spirit of Europe 2008). I am pumped that this tour is happening next year too! Anyone planning on going in April? Thinking of booking the tour that starts on 15th and think I’ll be going on my own? Love to hear if there is anyone else thats planning on doing this tour too! =)[br]Jen (jng2008)


P.S. I’m glad I’m not the only nutter out there who was checking the website daily! =)


hahaha!! good to know i have a nutter friend :)[br][br]I’ve decided i am doing mine on the 16th September 2008 :)[br][br]now I am just waiting for the London stopover dates and prices to be updated and i should be booking it in next month.[br][br]I’m debating about going to teh Flight Centre Europe Expo or not… I used to be a travel agent with them and i have seen the deals, so if any one is thinking about it, i reccommend it, but hopefully my old workmates will give me a special deal lol[br][br]i’m so excited :slight_smile:


I’ve had the expo recommended to me by my travel agent at Flight Centre, had to make a booking to see her on the day though. She seems to think that I should get everything at a great price and that its worth going in and checking it out. [br]Happy holiday planning! =)


i went to the travel expo today, and i didnt really find it very helpful. it seemed to me like it was just one big promotion for flight centre, and there were hundreds of desks where you could go to book your trip.[br][br]i guess if you wanted to go to europe but had no idea how exactly you were going to do it, it would be ok.


actually, the best way to do it is to know EXACTLY what you want to do, visit an agent before hand, meet them there and score the deals :)[br][br]the reason why its all about flight centre, is cos FC runs it! it has to be all about them, theyre not gonna tell you to go to STA or something :)[br][br]the canberra one is on this coming weekend, and im scoring a few deals there :slight_smile:


I ended up going to the Melbourne expo on the weekend and it was great - besides the crowd!! I’d organised everything that I wanted to do before hand and just went to actually book it, and score the great deals! If its going to save you a bit of money its totally worth it.[br][br]But I’ve finally booked it! YAY! Leeana, you still planning on going in September? [br][br]I’ve booked for May 13th Spirit of Europe plus the Edinburgh Mini Break…can’t wait! ;D


yep, mine is almost booked in :slight_smile: the bank has approved my loan and i will be putting my deposit down at the ACT Expo :)[br][br]I’m going to do Spirit of Europe in September, The Edinburgh Mini break AND the London Stopover… Top Deck is gonna love me lol!! Plus allof my pre tour and post tour accommodation in london will be through Top deck too :slight_smile: I’m gonna do the Globetrotter Inn Hostel :)[br][br]Are you going on your own Jen?? I am, I’m a little nervous, but so excited! I haven’t done a big trip overseas… let alone on my own. I’ve been to NZ, but i have family over there and its not that far away.[br][br]At the moment I am looking into the ANZ Travelcard (exchange rates are so good atm!!), a travel journal to go along with my travel blog and the accessories i will be taking with me… [br][br]YAY FOR EUROPE 2008!!!


Jen, looks like I’ll be joining you on May 13th. :smiley:


How exciting! Where in Australia are you from? My friend and I will be doing the tour, were both 27 and from Melbourne.[br]We are also doing the 4 day mini break afterwards and staying at the Globetrotter before and after the tour. [br]Love to hear back from you!8-)[br][br]Anyone else out there doing Spirit of Europe on 13th May?


I’m from Melbourne too. I’ll be doing the tour by myself. I’m 28. I’ll be staying at the Globetrotter the night before, not sure about after the tour- will probably go back to my friend’s house.


Hi,[br]I’ve just emailed you to save everyone else reading my dribble![br]Cheers,[br]Jen


I didn’t get your email Jen. :frowning:


Sorry! Who knows what I did! Just asking where about in Melbourne your from (I’m out near Knox) and thought maybe we could catch up for a coffee next year so we both have a familiar face before the trip. I’m so excited! Have turned into such a hermit though so I can save for this trip! Going to the States before Europe too (10 weeks off work!!!). Are you doing the Edinburgh Mini Break after our tour?[br]Take care and look forward to hearing from you![br]


Hey everyone! Coming over here to London and doing waht you going to do will be the best decision ever!!! [br]Don’t worry if you do it on your own, it’s less hassel and you’ll make some awesome friends![br]I am a 30 yr old Aussie living in London and have done a couple of trips solo and some with friends both equally as fun![br]I am doing Egypt with Topdeck this Christmas and then doing the mega 47 day camping in July next year before I head home for good, can’t wait!!! I am just as excited as everyone else;D[br]Enjoy![br]Danielle


Jen, I just sent you an email. Hopefully you’ll get it.[br][br]Thanks Danielle for the insight. Hope you have a great time on your 2 tours. :smiley: