Eurohotel vs. Euroclub questions


Hi guys,

 I've taken 3 Eurohotel trips with Topdeck, and I've loved them all. I seem to have covered most of the cities on the Eurohotel trips already though, some of them 3 or 4 times. As such I was thinking of doing the Euroclub "Eastern Exlpore" trip, as it hits a lot of new cities in far East Europe. My question is wondering how different the accomodations will be once I swap to the type of lodging that Euroclub provides. Have I been ruined for this type of trip based on my past hotel lodging? I've never been in a hostel or a lodge, so I do't know what to expect. I do know I really want to keep exploring though, so??? Any help with descriptions of lodging would be great. Thank you.



Great to hear you’re looking at another trip! Exciting!

EuroClub offers a range of accommodation… each trip is slightly different…

Hostels, cabins, castles & yachts with some hotel upgrades. Accommodation is single-sex, multi-share.

For example - On the European Wonder trip you get 2 nights hotel upgrade, 6 nights bungalow accommodation at European campsites, 3 nights hostel accommodation, 1 night in an Austrian Gasthof (guest house) and 1 night in a 12th century German castle or fortress.

If you have more questions about specific accommodation give your travel agent or our res team a call :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Topdeck Team


I’m hoping admin or another person can answer my question about the accommodation for EuroClub tours. My husband and I are planning on doing a 7 week tour next year and we really like the idea of staying in the different types of accommodation that EuroClub tours offer over that time; however, as a married couple, we are not keen on the idea of spending each night away from each other due to single-sex rooms. Is there any way that we can still participate in the EuroClub tours and stay in the same bed or room together? Or is a EuroHotel tour the only way we can do this?
Thanks in advance for any help about this :slight_smile:


Hi Blonnie :slight_smile:

The only way we can guarantee you & your husband staying in the same room is on a EuroHotel trip or camping (two people to a tent!)
Sometimes we’ll get a few couple on a EuroClub and they will want to make a ‘couples room’, but this can’t be guaranteed.

Hope this helps.
Topdeck Team


i loved the euro club accomodation it was so good


Am thinking of doing the Winter Waltz tour with my brother. Worried about getting some sleep in a hostel (in case i get in with a snorer). Are all the rooms 4 share? Can we move to a different room if we get a real elephant? Thanks


hey blonnie,
I went on a euroclub trip earlier this year and I stayed with my partner every night of the tour. Some nights by ourselves and other nights with others. It just depends on those travelling with u. Generally people are relaxed and don’t care if males or females share the room.

Hope this helps!