Hi All

I’m planning a solo tour this year (in June) before I settle in London to work for two years. This is the first time I have ever travelled alone before so I’m feeling a little anxious about it!

I was wondering whether anyone could offer some advice about what tour would best suit solo travellers?
I’m 28 years old and happy to pay for the more expensive option (the EuroHotel) however I dont want to end up on a tour of all couples!.. I get the sense that the EuroHotel option appeals more towards couple rather than solo travellers… What do you think?
I would really appreciate any advice on this topic!
Does anyone have any experience to share on this?


I’m 28 and going solo on the Odyssey tour in June which is Eurohotel. I have the same fear of being all couples, but I’m sure it’ll still be fun!!!


When I was looking at the different tours available, I had similar worries - I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay in hostel or hotel type accommodation and I didn’t want to be the only single traveller on the tour.
In the end, I had a look at what each tour offered and compared that to what I wanted to do & where I wanted to travel, as well as ensuring I wasn’t doubling up too much with my plans after the tour. In the end, I chose a EuroClub tour (28 day Grand European) and a 14 day Explorer tour (Britain & Ireland) which stays in hotels & bed & breakfasts.
After looking at what each tour has to offer and making your decision, I wouldn’t worry too much about the type of accommodation… You will have fun regardless of which accommodation type you choose and will make some great friends I’m sure! ::slight_smile:


Thanks for the reassurance guys! It helps a lot and you’re right - It will be a lot of fun regardless!