EuroHotel Umi Hotel London - reviews anyone?



I understand that the EuroHotel tours start at the Umi Hotel Bayswater. Can anyone tell me what this place was like? I have read very mixed reviews so I thought I would get some more opinions?

Or does anyone have any other suggestions for places to stay close by to make it easier to get on the bus so early in the morning?



I did the discover europe trip last year and stayed there before after the tour.
It was ok, the rooms are not bad at all, small but has everthing needed.
I did find it was a bit out of the ways to shops and stuff but it is where the trip leaves from and because they leave so early in the morning, it would make sense to stay there but it’s up to u, there is always the other hotel Topdeck uses???
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks Brooke. Do you know the name of the other one they use? :slight_smile: