EuroHotel tips anyone!


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Am wondering if there are any good tips to be had whilst in the EuroHotel European tours eg: what were the hotels like in France, Amsterdam, Italy, Germany … and what should you look out for ?? what couldn’t you do without etc

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Eurohotels are offering great accommodation for their guests. They would see to it that their guest would be satisfied and that harm is not in the corner.


Thanks Lee
i am sure they are quite lovely


We did a EuroHotel tour last year. The best tip I can give is don’t go with high standards. The hotels in Europe are much smaller then what we have in Australia and are of a lower standard. Most places were nice, especially in the Rhine Valley and Austria. Though there were also dodgy ones. You don’t spend much time at the hotels anyway. Mostly bed and shower.


Thanks bradkc

that’s actually a great tip - it’s nice to be brought back down to reality, i have to remember to just enjoy where i am rather than what my room looks like and as you said - just for sleep and shower …

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Hi all,

i am about to book the Europ Uncovered trip for 22 days…has anyone done this


I did Europe Uncovered in 2009, happy to answer any questions. :slight_smile:


Definitely don’t go in with high expectations! I did the Europe Uncovered trip in July 2010 and was not expecting anything flash and was still quite shocked at the state of a few of the places we stayed. The worst by far was in Rome. The only place that I literally could not sleep was in Croatia, because of the heat and the constant noise from outside. But really, you’re not in the rooms for very long anyway :slight_smile: And my tip for sleeping in extremely hot rooms with no air conditioning is to wet a towel with cold water, wring it out and sleep with it on top of you!


Thanks for the feed back everone, did anyone think 22 days is to long on a tour.


I was a bit tired at the end of mine, but I was also sick with a cold and had done a 16 day Contiki tour before starting the 22 day Topdeck tour. I thought the 22 days was the perfect length, long enough to make some good friends and get to know the group, but not so long that you got sick of the sight of them.


I am also doing this tour. definately no high expectations but wondering are there any fans in the room or occassionally aircon!
i can imagine the rooms would get quite hot. Also do you have to carry you bags much or is there many stairs etc.

Sorry for the butt in! :slight_smile:


Sare, you’ll occasionally get air con, and yes it gets rather hot without it! Nice and Pag Island were the worst for heat (when we were there anyway), although most of the rooms in Nice had A/C, we were just unlucky. No fans, I actually remember saying to my boyfriend that buying a cheapo plug in fan in Europe would have been worth the hassle of carting it on and off the bus!


ohh yay reading all this i cant wait! still a few months to go though. thanks so much for your tips. and by the sounds of it it does seem like a plug in fan would be a good option. any other tips you can give? i really wanna be prepared and get the most out of this trip!!!
also did everyone get along well on the tour and all migle with eachother even though its the hotel one? Thanks again!


I brought wondersoap and used that in my hotel room to wash my clothes, saves money on having to use laundry mats around europe. Hung it all out to dry in my room, i dried easily overnight.
Discover europe July 2010


buy snacks when stopping at auto grill stops, our driver let us have them on the bus as long as we were tidy. especially if its a long day on the bus with few stops in between.


good ideas thanks heaps for that! seriously cant wait. and sorry but are all the mornings early when they are travel days? like what time does the bus usually leave and how long are most trips? thanks


When i did discover europe, most days the bus left at 8 or 9am but they have a whats on sheet hanging up in the hotels or in the bus and our topdeck guide always reminded us again and again so we knew what was going on.
Time on bus depends on where u are and where ur going, I think our longest trip was from nice to swiss alps which was a all day bus ride but most were half days getting to our destination late afternoon.
I suppose it depends on traffic too.