EuroHotel or EuroClub?


Hey guys,

I am trying to decide which tour to go on. I was looking at going on the 22 day Europe Uncovered, but reading through it doesn’t seem many people go on the EuroHotel tours.??
Does anyone have any recommendations?

Would love to hear what tours other people are going on, I am doing it solo & quite nervous so wanting to make sure there’s going to be people on the tour also doing it alone.

Also looking at staying in London after the tour to work/travel around, anyone else got the same idea?



Hey Simone I had the same problem deciding whether I wanted to Hotel or backpack it.
I ended up choosing the European Odessy which is a EuroHotel tour, based on the destinations it would take me too, rather than the type of accommodation.

My suggestion would be to weigh up the locations you wish to see versus the cost of hotelling it.

Hope this helps
Kersten :slight_smile:


Hi Simone

I have to agree with Kersten on this one. I was all set to pick a EuroClub trip then I saw the Europe Uncovered itinerary and I fell in love with all the destinations and it summed up everything I wanted to do in Europe.

You really do have to weigh up what and where you want to go against the cost. For me it was an easy choice as soon as I saw the itinerary, plus I booked early bird and two trips so I got some discounts there.

I’m a solo traveller as well and I’m booked to go on the Europe Uncovered departing the 3rd May 2012 ;D


Hi Simone,

It was a difficult decision to make so I decided to try both, eurohotel for Britain and Ireland departing on 12 August and Mega European with euroclub departing 28 August. This was mainly again because of the intinery more so than anything else. I also wondered if in the eurohotel style option and travelling alone, would we have the opportunty to mix as much as we would with eurohotel.

Happy searching and deciding.