Euroclub VS Eurohotel


I am having some trouble deciding between two trips. Both itineraries are similar but one is Eurohotel & one is Euroclub.

Is it worth the extra money for the hotel tours? Are the hotels still far from the city centre?

Does anyone have any advice or comments on either style trips?

Is it easier to bond with people staying in hostels rather than just 2 per room in a hotel.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Iโ€™m doing the Eurohotel trip because Iโ€™m travelling with my boyfriend and would prefer to have our own room, it all depends how you want to travel I think the majority of places are going to be near town and no matter what itโ€™s going to be awesome


if your travelling with a partner its better doing a eurohotel just because you get more privacy but if your travelling alone euroclub is a better way of meeting people just because sharing a room with 3 other people rather then just another person just makes for a better time