Euroclub vs Eurohotel


Hi all,

A friend and I are looking at doing a tour next year, but are trying to decide between the club and hotel. Our main concern is the sharing situation on the euroclub. Is it always more than 2 to a room? Is there much flexibility with sharing?

As much as we want to meet new people, we also want a bit of privacy and to be able to sleep :slight_smile:


Hey Gem,
I did a few EuroClub trips this summer and I highly recommend them! Generally we stayed in dorm rooms of about 4, on the odd occasion there were 6 of us in a room and sometimes there was 2 of us in a bungalow. Everyone on the trip were really thoughtful and were quiet when coming back to the room at night time and stuff - i’m a pretty light sleeper and surprisingly didn’t find this an issue. Everyone was pretty tidy as well and if you wanted a bit of quiet time, I would just kind of politely ask the other girls to be a bit quieter. I made some awesome friends on this trip, and I don’t think I would have if we all stayed in Hotel rooms.


Hi Gem,

we are doing the EuroHotel tour next yr after tossing up with that or euroclub. I cant wait! Im going with my partner so we wanted to be in a room to ourselves too. I definately still want to socialise with everyone but i figure you see them all day then also at night so when we go into our room we can just relax and chill out together. :slight_smile:


Hi Gem,

I did a EuroClub tour last winter. Most of the accommodation was quad sharing, with Rome and Venice being twin share. We also had a triple share and a 6 bed dorm. I agree with Liana_77, I found most people respected that rooms were for sleeping so I never had an issue with being woken up. I was also travelling with a friend and we were never broken up or felt like we had an issue with privacy.


Thanks for your replies guys!

I think we’re going to go with the euroclub which was our first pick. The particular trip we’re looking at has a great itinerary and from what I’ve read just about everyone has had a great time and room sharing hasn’t really been an issure, so it seems like the way to go!

Thanks for your feedback though! It’s good to hear about other people’s experiences, good or bad!