Euroclub twin/quad share accommadation


Hiya. Am planning on doing a euroclub tour mid next year with my boyfriend. The brochures say the the euroclub accommadations are single sex, Does anyone know if its possible for me n my bf to share a room?



Hey there,

We can’t guarantee partners can share rooms on EuroClub trips.

Sometimes we’ll get a few couples on a trip and they will create a ‘couples room’, but unfortunately we can’t guarantee this.

If you want to make sure you’ll have a room together for the full length of your trip try our EuroHotel[/url] and [url=]Explorer

Hope this helps!

Topdeck Team





My boyfriend and I are doing a euroclub tour in june 2012…if people are wanting to have a couples room situation thatd be great :slight_smile:


Hey there! We were fortunate on our tour to have 4 couples (including me and my bf) so we were able to share with one of the other couples (though all of us couples got along with each other really well - we got along with pretty much everyone on the tour!). At a few places we were fortunate to have a room/cabin to ourselves when there was twin share. There was only one instance where we didn’t get to share a room, and that was because of the rooms that were allocated and we took one for the team and didn’t share (the other couples weren’t split).

Even if not sharing it gave us the opportunity to get to know others on the tour, and we didn’t spend that much time in the rooms anyway! There was always something to do away from the cabin whether it was sight-seeing or going out for dinner etc.