EuroClub Tours


hey is anyone going on a euroclun tour or has anyone been on a euroclub tour[br][br]we are going in summer and just want to know what are good things to pack…[br][br]and did everyone take a sleeping bag or do the hostels provide stuff?[br][br]Ebony + Amanda[br]European Emperor 9 July[br]East Meets West 21 July


Hey Ebony[br][br]For a euroclub tour I would definately bring a sleeping bag. Hotels and hostels usually provides sheets but I just like to be prepared, though I have not done either of the trips you are doing.[br][br]Some handy items to bring are:[br]a money wallet that fits snuggly under your clothes - there are a few pick pockets in Europe[br]photocopies of your travel documents[br]small box of things like plasters etc[br]good comfy shoes for walking tours[br]perhaps a few copies of CDs to play on the bus[br][br]Have fun :-)[br][br]