EuroClub - Sleeping Liner or Bag?


Hey guys,

I’m looking at going on the European Getaway 20 Day (Euroclub) in the summer. It says that we should bring a sleeping bag. I’m wanting to pack as light as possible, and I’m wondering if I really need a sleeping bag, or if I can get away with just a sleep sheet/liner. I have other friends who have backpacked Europe (but not with Topdeck) and said a sleeping bag wasn’t really neccessary in hostels, but a sleep sheet was handy in some places. (I’ll also be doing further travel before and after the trip, staying in hostels).

Anyone who has done EuroClub in the summer before - will I get cold with just a sleep sheet? Do the hostels/bungalows provide blankets that I could put over my sleep sheet if its chilly? Or should I go buy a small lightweight sleeping bag from somewhere?

BackpackGirl :-[


Hey there BackpackGirl,

Sleeping bags are a necessity on ALL EuroClub and EuroCamping trips. You can find some really lightweight sleeping bags in camping stores or maybe you could look into buying one when you get over to London if you’re worried about the weight of your pack. Some places in Europe do get a bit chilly overnight, even in the summer so you might want to consider this. Also some hostel we stay in do not provide all sleeping material so we do ask you bring a sleeping bag. Have a chat to some past passengers and see what they recommend. :slight_smile:

Topdeck Team!


Hi BackpackGirl,

I too am going the Euro getaway in summer ( departing June 18) ;D I was also thinking about just taking a sleeping bag liner.
I recently came across the Roman Plam series of sleeping bags, they compress down in to a tiny bag that fits in the plam of your hand. I think i’m going to grab myself one


Did European Pioneer and sleeping bags aren’t really nessecary as most hostel have blankets or you stay at a hotel but there are a few places you may need it


Hey guys,
I got the Roman Palm IV it’s about 5 deg. and not even a kilo… and is very compact… my advice is to get that… ummm BCF and Rays Outdoors sells them about $110-120… lol I only know cause I work at one of these so I kinda know the ins and outs


wow…didn’t even think about buying a sleeping bag…was just gonna take my usual sleeping bag but you’re right…its huge though and probably too hot too (its a winter sleeping bag I think…)…how cold does it get at night? Now I’ll have to add this to my list of research points…hmmm…you think u’ve thought of it all and then someone points something else out! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks guys… now I’m starting to think a lightweight sleeping bag would be a good idea- the sleeping bag I already own is too big and heavy.

It sounds like I might only need it for a few nights overall. Those Roman Palm ones look good. I don’t want to spend heaps for something I might only use for a few nights, has anyone else got suggestions of where to get cheap sleeping bags that are light and small?