Euroclub OR EuroHotel



I’m looking at booking a europe tour, but im stuck between euroclub or eurohotel. I’m looking at going with a couple of friends
My question is whats the standard of the hostels?
Are they safe for 3-4 19 year old girls? Or is it worth paying the extra money. Just wanted to here some opinions of pass travellers


Hi Mel,

I did one contiki’s “concept” tours two years ago which is the same level of accom as the Euroclub. At the time I was little like you, unsure. The accom was way better than I had expected, most of the hostels were very clean modern - since doing that tour I have no hesitation in booking hostel’s to stay in. In my opinion, save yourself some cash and do the Euroclub tour!


Hey Mel,

I’m going on a euroclub tour in September and I’ll be 18 :). I’ve been told that the hostels that topdeck stay at are all safe as they check them out and have been going to them for years! At the end of the day, it will only be a bed that you’re in for a couple of hours! I personally think, take the cheaper option and spend the difference sightseeing or shopping :slight_smile:


Definitely not worth the extra money! It’s Europe - staying in hostels is half the fun! Usually more lively and fun… Tour companies would not stay in really low standard hostels… Plus you would share a room with other people on the tour so you wouldn’t be with randoms :slight_smile: Then again meeting randoms is what traveling is about! I traveled all of summer last year and stayed in hostels and had a great time. But despite all that you should pick the tour based on the itinerary over everything else, and if the itineraries are similar definitely go with the cheaper option!! :slight_smile:


The hostels are great to stay in… as said, your sharing with other people on your tour anyway and it gives you a chance to get to know your travel buddies better… The majority of the Hostels have a bar and common kitchen area also which is good, you will always meet other travelers while your there! often it will be other tour groups (be it Topdeck or Contiki, Busabout etc), I remember one of the hostels I stayed in last time there were 2 contiki groups, and a load of Busabout travelers, plus other randoms… I quiet drink in the hostel bar was with 120 odd people…


My wife and I did the EuropeClub tour in June 2010 and it was fantastic! The hostels were great, Florence, Switerland and Austria were an absolute standout as far as hostels go. Save your money and do as many things as you can! If Bron is your tour guide, you’re in great hands!