Euroclub Accommodations


I’m doing a Euroclub tour starting next week and was wondering how cold the places get at night (in July and August). Do most places provide linen or blankets? I have heard various things and would really like to avoid having to carry around a sleeping bag if it will be too hot to use it anyways. I have a silk sleep sack I was originally just going to bring but now I’m a little worried I might get cold. Any advice from people who have been would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Hi I’m doing a tour in August too and was wondering the same thing. Topdeck policy it seems is that you have to bring a sleeping bag. So I’m going to do that and bring a silk sleeping bag liner because I’m thinking it will be hot.

Does anyone know what the air conditioning situation is like in Euroclub accommodation?



Hi guys,
I was wondering the same thing b/c I’m going July/August and so I have emailed Topdeck on the same questions. They have said that you can bring a linen/sheet instead of a sleeping bag. And yes, hostels do provide blankets!


Thanks Daria!


The nights are usually pretty good at this time of year so you should be OK with an inner sheet. Another tip - take a travel pillow with you - brilliant for taking a nap in the bus and also for avoiding a sore neck due to bad/no hostel pillows.

Cheers :slight_smile:


I did a camping tour and sleeping bag was ESSENTIAL some nights when it was freezing. Some euroclub accomodations are bungalows in campgrounds, which provide shelter but usually won’t have heat.

As topdeck reccomends, I would highly suggest bringing a sleeping bag because having an extra item is much better than being cold at night (I still froze some nights with one).