Just wondering if anyone on here has been on a camping trip before, and if they have if they can share some information on it all. The campsite conditions, the tents, the beds etc. [br]Thanks :slight_smile:


i haven’t been on a camping tour yet - going in July so also would love to hear what anyone has to say!


hahah yeah me too![br]where are you from, and what tour are you going on???[br]


I’m from Auckland, NZ. Goin on the Europe Unplugged on 4 July - how about you? 22 days camping! hope the tents are good and the air matresses stay up!


hahah[br]yeah me too! i am from perth, WA, and im doing the same tour, but on the 21st of september, i think hehe


got all excited for a bit there thinking you were on the same tour! :slight_smile: i’ll try and get onto the net after and tell you what it’s like - i’m sure fab! :slight_smile: now just to find out someone who has already gone so they can tell me! or is at least goin on the same tour as me - and some people for you too :stuck_out_tongue:


hehe I’m going 4 July too! :sunglasses:


yay someone else :slight_smile: - tho i think they may have something to do with the fact we booked at the same time? might help just a tad ay :stuck_out_tongue: