Hey guys and gals… is there anybody out there with any tips for eurocamping? What are the laundry facilities like? What about the bathrooms? The other thing I was wondering about was where you put your packs etc when you are away from the campsite (like out for dinner etc) and it it safe to leave stuff in your tents? I know I sound pretty anxious… but I’d just like to know how it all works!!! :-[ NAy tips from previous eurocampers would be much apprieciated! Thanks :slight_smile:


Hey me too. I was just looking at the Europe Unplugged tour, it sounds like fun. What one were you thinking about doing?


Hi Shaela[br]I’m doing the Mega European in May - its a long time to be camping so I wanted to make sure I’m fully prepared!!!


I did the Mega European in August, and as it was at the end of the season we did half camping and half hostels.[br][br]Camping is hard work - setting up the camp takes about half an hour if everyone helps, and every day or two you have to get up early (6am) to pack up your tent and airbed as well as helping with the cook tent and other equipment. I would definitely do it again, but 3 weeks was my limit. Expect to be exhausted at the end of the day. The tents are those easy 2 person dome things, but still need two people to put it up. Just pack light and you’ll be fine. [br][br]Bathrooms and facilities are great, there’s not always laundry facilities so wash it where you can. In the places we stayed it is safe to leave things in your tents as security at the sites was good, otherwise leave it on the bus on in the camp safe.[br][br]Also expect to get sick as you will be in close quarters with people, burning the candle at both ends and will probably get rained on at some point. [br][br]You will also sail your own sailboat in groups of 5/6 in Greece, which was a steep learning curve. Don’t put your hand up to be the captain, be one of the relaxed people lying down and drinking booze.[br][br]It is an amazingly awesome experience and will push you to the limits - a challenge worth rising to![br][br]Peace out


Hey Linden - thanks very much for all the info, it really helped! I just want to go right now!!!


Hey Nic[br]I am booked to do the Mega European starting at the end of March. Looking forward to it as it is getting really close now!![br][br]Sounds like you are starting the tour after me! If I get time I will let you know how it goes!