Hey Guys,

MY boyfriend and I are looking at doing the EuroCamping tour from June through to July - I’m sooo excited :). At present we are trying to budget and work out our finances. What are your opinions on the amount of spending money we should be taking?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Poppet :slight_smile:

Me and my partner are doing the European Adventure in June next year (starting 23rd June) which is a camping tour… this is the first tour we would have done but i have spoke to alot of people and most people say 100 euro per day extra. I think you could get away less than that though and some people say they have some left over so exciting!!


it all really depends, i can say that when i went to Europe last year i budgeted for 100 euro a day and there were some days were we would be on a bus basically all day where no money was spent except at rest stops for lunch, where as there was other days where we were exploring a city where i could of spent hundreds of euros on all the cool things i saw. i found that buy budgeting 100 euro a day you will have days where you only spend 15-20 euro and others where you spend 125-150 but by keeping an eye on your spending will ensure you will not go broke mid tour


I’m thinking of doing one late june. but not sure about the whole camping issue. I’ve done a euro trip before with Contiki and that was a mix of hostels, hotels, Contiki villages. my main issue is not really sleeping. you don’t go to Europe to sleep, but where do you put your stuff, where do you shower, go to the bathroom, what happens if it rains, is your stuff secure when your out on tour. any help would be great.