Hi peeps, I’m going on the Europe Unplugged tour next year in July. I was just wondering if there is any time in the mornings to do a jog? I need to be training at that time of year as I have an important race the next month.



Hi there I did a euro camping tour 4 years ago. Some days you will def get a chance other days you might bot get to when you are up early to travel to next destination. There is plenty of free time though so you could do one at a diff stage of day if super keen. Just work out as you go.


Great sounds ok, thanks for that. How was the trip otherwise? I’m really looking forward to it! ;D


Hi Again no dramas. The trip was AMAZING. I just did one from London to Rome and we camped. We had a super time often we would be having drinks till the wee hours and getting up a few later haha was a great time though. Ppl seem to be super relaxed when you are camping and its jus a very chilled situation. Im not sure where they european unplugged go but if you go to Venice and Rime they have super camping grounds


Awesome, yeah it goes to Venice and Rome. Yeah I saw some photos of one in Venice and it looked so good.