Eurocamping trip for 2011


Hellloo everyone!!!
My friend and I are planning a Europe trip for next year and I am personally
convinced that the 49 day camping tour is the one to do!!
However my friend is not convinced and wants to just backpack around Europe ??
Soo I would lik to hear from ne1 who has done a topdeck tour, preferably camping,
preferably the 49 day tour!!! I just want to kno what the camping was lik, the camp sites,
wher r the camp sites, the food, being on a tour for that long just nething really!!!
Please help!!! :smiley:
thanks guys xoxox


hey hey,
I did this tour 5 years ago and although a few of the destinations have changed a bit im sure most aspects will still be the same. The camping was easy, id never been camping before i went to europe and now i can put up a tent super fast. Some of the campsites are on the outskirts of the cities but many of them such as those in italy have everthing like pools bars restaurants and washing facilities. The food was fantastic there was always enough and everyone takes turns in halping out with cooking, loading the buses etc. It didnt feel like 49 days and i wished it could have lasted much longer, i am actually considering doing the same tour again lol. if you have more questions just ask :slight_smile:



I am about to start the camping tour and have only packed a linen sleep sheet as I wa under the impression from news reports in OZ that europe was having a heat wave… Do you think I should get a sleeping bag from ASDA or TESCO before i go ?? or will the sleep sheet be enough??

Thanks :slight_smile:


I have done the 49 day camping tour and it was amazing…I would recommend it over backpacking because there is no stress when it comes to accommodation/getting around in foreign countries. the tour leaders tell you everything you need to know about each city and arrange extra activities. it also gives you a good idea of which places you would go back to and spend more time at.

I agree with amw995 about the food and some of the campsites are great, but some of them are also very basic, especially in eastern europe. in a couple of places you stay in hostels and hotels which is what we began to look forward to!


Hey there. I am planning on doing that tour next year too. I’m kind of nervous about the camping aspect of the tour (i haven’t been camping since i was a kid). This is the only tour that goes to all the locations on my wish list


hey sandy, Iwould take a sleeping bag as well, as during hot days the evenings are often very cold, plus on the off chance it is a cold night a liner wont keep you warm,

hope this helps



i have one the contiki equivilent of this tour. Though we ran into topdeck at a lot of the campsites. The camping is easy ur have dome tents super easy to put up, everything is organised for you you get heads up on best things to do each place and an organised tour def takes stress out of ur trip, plus u get to meet heaps of like minded awesome people.