Eurocamping Tours


I am doing a eurocamping tour from 29th july. My question is in the middle of summer for a eurocamping tour do you really need a sleeping bag. I was looking through the paperwork topdeck sent me and it says sleeping bag required. But i remember europe 4 years ago and it was a stinker back then.[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


Yo. Im on same/similar trip. athens to Lon. Im def only bringing a sleeping sack. Its going to be stinking hot, and cold nights can always be dealt to with a few more drinks before bed


If you notice the date, you’ll see this guy asked this question a year ago! Anyway, I did the MegaEuropean from 7 July - 24 Aug last year. First part of the trip, from London to Istanbul, I only used my sleeping bag in Paris and Swtizerland and then the heatwave hit! Switzerland was boiling hot in the day and freezing cold at night, and you def need a sleeping bag and all your clothes on! From Istanbul onwards, I needed my sleeping bag every day. Eastern Europe is often a bit like England. It can be hot but it can also be pretty average. My advice is to take a one or 2 season sleeping bag plus a sheet liner.