Hi everyone! Im just so undecided between the camping trip European Adventure or the Grand European?! Has anyone done the camping ones are they ok like comfort wise? I dont want to be up late every night when i could be getting some sleep so i think the hostel one would be better because i have seen that people stay are loud ect at the camping sites? but for the price of the camping one for the amount of days it sounds amazing!!! Im looking in going in April May this year so need to make up my mind! Any help would be sooooo appreciated! Ps im a bit of a girly girl but not over the top like dont need to worry bout my hair ;D


Hi Tazzy

I’m from Perth. I am going on the Grand European (1st May departure) this year. It looks really good, I have also had a girlfriend do it and she just raves about it. definately one of their better ones!

I’m a girly girl too - I will have to do my hair! :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


I do love the look of the one but camping is just worrying me! Do you by any chance no anyone who has done camping tours? Because the Grand European is hostels :slight_smile:


Grand European is much more comfortable. I know people who have done camping and between sight seeing and parting and drinking and other social events that happen, there wasn’t much rest when it came to camping and it wasn’t very comfortable. Especially with luggin around pillows or sleeping bags and stuff, be careful about getting bugs and what not in your bags and things.

That’s why I picked Grand European, it’s a bit more comfy!


My friend went on the camping one- the European Adventure (34 days)- and absolutely raves about it. She convinced me to go on a camping one actually (Unplugged)! You save so much! And let’s face it- hostels aren’t exactly going to be luxurious anyway so why not make it an adventure and try camping! She said it’s comfy, the tents are fine and that the only downfall was that it rained one night- at which point they upgraded to a hostel because their tour group was apparently sooks! :stuck_out_tongue: