Eurocamping- Desperate for advice


:-*:o:-[::):o)[br][br]Hi everyone I am doing a Eurocamping London To Rome tour that starts on the 22nd of June this year.[br]As it is the camping tour I could really use some helpful hints, tips and advice from anyone kind of clueless about this all really as I have never been overseas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.[br]Alos if anyone else is going on this tour contact me it would be great to hear from anyone


Hiya,[br][br]We (Im Shanan, and my fiances name is Renee) are doing the mega european tour starting in London on 22nd June, which is effectively the same tour except we carry on after Rome, so I thought I would say hi :slight_smile: We are a kiwi couple making our way home after a year in London.[br][br]Not sure what to tell you about the camping side of things… they provide the tents and the air matresses, so as long as you remember the sleeping bag and a pillow you should be fine!! They show you how to put the tents up as well (the type of tents they use are really simple though so no need to worry about it!!) Also make sure you bring a torch, since you dont want to have to find your way to the toilet accross a random camping ground in the dark!![br][br]Anyway, Im sure you’ll be fine, but if you have any particular worries feel free to let me know and I might be able to help… I had to do lots of investigating to ease Renees worries… also one of her best friends did a topdeck tour last year so we have sqeezed every possible bit of info out her!!


Hi Shanan (and Renee), thankyou for writing back to my topic, was a bit worried noone would for a bit hey.[br]So they are combinig the two tours hey, I didnt realise that. Cool though.[br]My name is Kristen and my friend who I am going with is Leah we are both 23 years old and are from Sydney so it will be great to meet you both.[br]I got a new sleeping bag yesterday and am finishing getting the things we need, dont know how I am going to fit in everything I want into a small bag hahah oh well Ill see how I go i think.[br]On the pillow side of things are you taking a proper pillow or one of those blow up ones??[br]So much to think about that you have to take hey.[br]Look forward to meeting you both not long to go now hey.[br][br]Kristen :-[


Hi - I’ve just finished a camping trip with TopDeck so I guess I can offer some good advice… :p[br][br]Pillow - I would take a proper (smallish) pillow. You spend a lot of time on the bus, and a decent pillow really helps comfort wise. The blow up ones just don’t cut the mustard. [br][br]For the bus - every 2nd day you spend at least 4-5hrs on the bus. Take cards, dvd’s (they have tv on bus), ipod, a book etc[br][br]If you are travelling as a couple, taking a double fitted sheet is a great idea to hold your 2 single mattresses together, otherwise someone always ends up sleeping in the gap![br][br]Ear plugs are a must - campsites are pretty noisy.[br][br]Food/water - I think I probably spent the largest proportion of my money on food and drinks on the service stops. Good idea to find a supermarket and stock up on water, munchies etc.[br][br]Packing - less is more. I took heaps of stuff I hardly wore. Do take one nice outfit though, there are a few opportunities to get dressed up e.g. casino’s in Monte Carlo, cabaret in Paris, concert in Vienna.[br][br]Make sure you buy a proper travel towel - nothing worse than carting around a big, wet, stinky towel. Yuk![br][br]Happy travels![br]