EuroCamping Advice! Just finished my trip


I just got back from Athens-London (2nd half of the Mega European)[br][br]Some hints from my experience[br][br]-It was REALLY hot in some places, so i was extremely happy I had brought a light-weight sleeping bag to put inside my regular one, it was easy to stay cool in the hot places and keep warm in the cool places[br]-I brought a travel pillow-case and stuffed it with my lightweight sleeping bag for sleeping on the bus[br]-Charging stuff can sometimes be a nuisance, but there are power-points in your cook tent that you can charge stuff overnight, and we never had a problem with anyone stealing anything, there is a power-point on the bus, cameras are priority, and there are usually power-points in the washrooms at camp, but these tend to be a little more sketchy, i never left anything there. The power-points in the cooktent are usually your best bet.[br]-Bring toilet paper with you. A lot of places don’t provide it.[br]-It’s totally worth it to upgrade to a cabin once or twice. They’re usually about 10 Euros/person, and having a real bed and being able to stand up is really nice. I upgraded once, in Poland, and it was great cuz i got my camera batteries, phone, and i-pod charged in one night, and was able to re-pack my bag (everything ends up looking pretty disasterous)[br]-They’re not super strict about the size/weight of your bag, but I promise, from experience, that it’s better to bring less. If your bag is huge, you wont have any room in your tent, and the people who have to pack up the bus will be extremely irritated. They need to fit the cook tent, all the food, 5 burners, 2 fridges, all the tents, 40 people’s bags, and all their sleeping bags. There is only so much room on the bus.[br]-Bring an umbrella and/or a raincoat. Carry it everywhere. You will thank your lucky stars when a beautiful day turn gross and you’re well prepared.[br]-Sunscreen is actually important. One person on our trip got 2nd degree burns on her back and had to spend 2 days in the hospital. It’s not worth it.[br]-Your trip will be much more enjoyable if you are willing to help out. There is always stuff to be done, and everything goes much faster and much smoother when everyone helps. The few people on our trip who used to stand around and watch everyone else work were kind of shunned from the group. [br]-You won’t always have a lot of time to get ready to go out. Don’t worry. No one cares. I went out looking like a bum a few nights because we had gotten to camp after a long drive, slammed out dinner, and then headed right out.[br]-There will be a few really long drive days. There is a bathroom on the bus, but you’re encouraged to only use it in VERY serious emergencies. The bus will stop about every 2 hours for a bathroom/smoke break. Your bladder quickly becomes trained to have to go every 2 hours. Bring a pillow to sleep on the bus. After a night of partying, you’ll thank god you have it. Bring a book/Ipod/journal or something else to do. Make a few bus playlists. They’ll play everyone’s music.[br]-We never had anything stolen from our tents. No one bothered locking the tents, plus its just as easy for someone to take a knife and slice the side. I brought my passport, cell phone, camera, ipod, and wallet with me everywhere. Just get a small slashproof bag that you can put across your chest. The more often you take it off, the more likely you are to lose it.[br]-Your pack stays in your tent when you sleep, hence the “dont bring a HUGE bag” you wont have any room to actually sleep[br]-The campsites are all pretty nice, some have pools, some are on beaches. On a few occasions, you had to pay for showers, and sometimes the hot water ran out, but for the most part, they were all pretty good. Your crew will tell you if the campsite is known to be a little sketchy. [br]-Most campsites are located pretty close to town, but expect to have to take a taxi home at the end of the night if you’re planning on going out. The partying is great in Europe, and as long as you can drag yourself out of bed to go sightseeing the next day, its awesome.[br]-Expect to spend most of your money at service stations buying snacks, water, and red bull. [br]-Fill up on included meals. They’re delicious and there’s always plenty.[br]-Pre-drink at camp and on your way into town. You’ll save a lot of money. Plus, drinking at camp is great for group bonding. We had many nights on the metros into town, drunk and silly, and they were great. [br]-Bring every kind of medication possibly imaginable. Our entire group got diarrhea some time between Turkey and Romania. Immodium/Gastro-Stop was god. We also had sore throats, stuffy noses, coughs, hangovers, twisted ankles, busted toes, etc. And its better to be prepared than have to guess what the Austrian equivalent of Nurofen is.[br][br][br]I think that’s all I can think of for now. e-mail me @ if you have any questions. Have an amazing trip!


Hi Merdub,[br]I was wondering what optional excursions you took while on your trip and would u recommend them?


I did the sex show and the canal cruise in Amsterdam, both were totally worth it, I did the third reich walking tour in Berlin, that was only 9 euros and it was great, but I didnt do any of the others. I heard that the schnapps museum was good, but most of us opted not to do the vienna concert. About half the group did the belly dancing show in istanbul and they said it was good, the heinekin factory in amsterdam was closed when we went and the bosphorus cruise wasn’t offered, but you could do it on your own if you wanted. If I had to choose one, it would be the canal cruise, it was an amazing way to spend our last night and it was free wine and beer, thus making it totally worth the 25 euros. The sex show was more funny than sexy but it was great to see people from your group called up on stage with the performers.


Hi MerDub, [br]one question i do want to ask is did you or any other girls take a little black dress? Beacause i have my day wear that i can dress up for night but was wondering if an LBD was vital for certain places such as the casino? I dont really wanna pack it as i probably wouldnt wear it [br]Thanks[br][br]Aug 17th 2008