Euro Wonder - Sleeping Bags?


Hey,[br][br]Just wondering do you have to take a sleeping bag on the tours ???are they compulsory ???[br][br]Anyone who has been on tour tell me if they are a good idea or bad ??[br][br]Thanks Guys [br][br]Euro wonder 2009 march


Hey Aimeegee,[br][br]I would recommend a sleeping bag, particularly for a March departure. Although most accommodations on this trip will provide bedding, it is still pretty cold in March, and my not be warm enough. It is also handy for drive days on the coach if you want ot have a snooze.[br][br]Overall, I?d say I would rather take it and not use it than, than not have one and be cold.[br][br]Have a good trip![br][br]Anita[br]