Euro Pioneer starting 19/8/10


Hey guys,[br]Just interested as to who will be joining me on this tour! I am spending a few days in london before hand so would be great to meet a few of you! So exited! [br]:stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Inorbit,[br][br]I’ll be joinging you on this tour, meant to be doing it with a mate but his looking more and more likely to go home instead of doing the tour…his loss. [br][br]I’ll be staying at the clink for 2 nights before the tour. Havn’t really given the tour a thought as doing so much before the tour starts leaving Aus end of May and can’t wait.


Oh nice. You lucky thing. Im only off for 8 weeks, leave aug 14 get back 11 oct. spending time in netherlands, belgium, germany for oktoberfest and switzerland before I go home. I have my bf coming over for the last 3 weeks though the tour i will be on by myself. I haven’t booked the accommo the couple of nights before yet… is the place your staying at the place you get picked up from ?
Oh… and call me Ashleigh :slight_smile:


Hi Ashleigh,

Yeah the clink is where the tour starts and finishes, I havn’t booked pre or post accom but I will do soon.

I’m contemplating wether to do oktoberfest straight after the tour but I’m not sure yet I know I will love it but havn’t really looked in to it yet.

I’m hoping to be away for about 8 months I hope starting off in South Africa, then doing Botswanna and Zimbabwe then world cup in South Africa. Then England and Ireland before doing the topdeck Red Star Special then 3 days off before this tour. If I make it thru all of this alive I’ll be happy then I will decide what to do after that.



sounds like a plan!
I just brought a house so its abit hard to have long periods off at a time with my job at the moment, though they approve 9 weeks a year so its not to bad. My around the world will have to wait until 2014 but im hoping to do the red star special in may next yr so you will have to let me know what its like. We aren’t going on a tour or anything for oktoberfest. It’s the 200th anniversary so you can’t miss it! :slight_smile: let me know when you book. I am thinking a pretty high class hotel for a couple of nights in london lol, just before the tour since we will be in basic accommo for 36 days :slight_smile: Have you spoken to anyone else who will be on this tour?


I’m travelling instead of buying a house i’m 23 now it was either now or never for me with the world cup being on and getting sick of my job. I may even stay longer than the 8 months if all goes well. 9 weeks a year is pretty good i’m assuming you travel alot.

Wouldn’t know where to start looking for accomidation or anything for Oktoberfest so may do it with a tour if i decide to go, which i want to do.

High class hotel would certaintly be after 3 months of hostels in europe and tents in Africa…then i look at the price and certaintly feel alot better about staying in a hostel ;D

Only person i’ve spoken to is my mate who doesn’t even know where the tour goes just booked cos i was doing it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where abouts in Australia are you from? I’m from Melbourne


Im from Brisbane, and only 20 lol! I wont be 21 until after the tour. I haven’t really been able to travel that much, when i turned 18 i moved to nz for 9 months snowboarding, and when i got back in oct 08 I got a great job with a power company. So I only went back to nz last yr for a couple of weeks. April im off to the cook islands and nz again and then the 8 weeks in europe and singapore in aug - oct… then may off to scandi so i guess i will be doing a fair bit of traveling in the near future :slight_smile:

Buying a house wasn’t something i really thought i would do, but seeing as i have a good job and am able to do it i figured i may as well to get something behind me :slight_smile:

lol ohh im not sure what we are doing for oktoberfest either. I should really start looking into that. If the other half decides not to come over, then i will prolly just backpack it.

if you want to chat before the tour ill pm you my email address.


Any one else doing this tour



I have just booked on this tour too. Can’t wait!


I am doing this tour, I have 5 days in London with my friend that lives there & then leave for the trip I am staying the night before the trip & the night after at the Clink.
Am starting to get a little excited but doesn’t quite feel real yet still seems so far away :slight_smile:


Looks like there will just be Aussies and Kiwis running a muck on this trip…can’t wait ;D