Euro Pioneer 17th Sept (Great Eastern 2 Oct)


Hey! I will be joining the european piooneer tour which starts on 17th september, from oct 2 on the Great Eastern tour. [br][br]Just wondering who else will be on the tour because I will be travelling alone, particularly starting from Athens? I was hoping to check out Parthenon / Acropolis but not sure if we get a chance on this tour because it joins after the pioneer tour have alraedy visited acropolis/parthenon! Is anyone else keen to visit these if they are also on Great Eastern ? ?[br][br]Lucy[br][br][br]Great Eastern 2009[br]Oct2-Oct18


I double checked with top deck, who have confirmed the walking tour in Athens won’t be available on the Great Eastern tour, because the tour joins after Dinner, when the larger Pioneer tour has already completed the waling tour. [br][br]If anyone is joining from Athens, would anyone be keen to meet up the night before (Oct 1) or Oct 2 morning to go on a walking tour of the Acropolis ?[br][br]If any one has already been on the pioneer tour, do you know if the join ons on the great eastern got to do the walking tour ?[br][br][br]lucy.[br][br]Great Eastern 2009[br]Oct2-Oct18


Hi all![br][br]I’ll be on the European Pioneer and look forward to meeting you in Athens!


Hey beth =) r u travelling alone? I am eek hope it all goes ok :)[br][br]it cant be just us on this tour tho! Anyone else on the pioneer/olympic link/timeless trail?? its a matter of weeks away now =)[br][br]Great Eastern 2009[br]Athens - Prague[br][br]Oct2-Oct18


Hey Lucy,[br][br]I am travelling alone but looking forward to it![br]Best way to travel. Spend a month in the UK before to tour but can’t wait to get around Europe.[br][br]Look forward to meeting you in Greece[br]Beth[br][br]European Pioneer Sep 17- Oct 22


Bump! anyone else on this tour? its getting so close!![br][br]Great Eastern 2009[br]Athens - Prague[br][br]Oct2-Oct18


Hey there kidletts[br]I am on the timeless trail, day 1-21 of the Euro Pioneer 17 sept to 7 Oct, finishing in Athens. [br]Looking forward to meeting you all!


AHHH ill be on the Pioneer tour from sep 17th!! also traveling alone… should be awesome though… see you guys in Europe!!![br][br]Kate[br][br]Kate Harbison


hey all, just finished the Olympic Link aka second half of the Euro Pioneer. I can def confirm that unless you are on the Pioneer, you will have basically no time in Athens. BUt let me warn you - that is a nasty part of town you’re staying in! Be sure to keep a close eye on all your stuff. [br][br]Any questions, lemme know![br][br]Meredith Fraser[br]Olympic Link Aug 7 - 27