Euro Pioneer 14th June to 20th July


Hi, I’m a solo traveller from Darwin Australia. I’m curious to know if anyone else may be on the same trip? :slight_smile:


Yessss I will be!
I just booked and I’m soo excited.
I’ll be travelling solo as well, from Melbourne!
Are you staying at wombats beforehand? :sparkles::airplane:


That’s sick! Yes I’ll be at wombats for the first night! Have you downloaded the TopDeck App? There’s a group chat function on there for everyone to keep in touch before the trip :slight_smile:


I’ve got the app just haven’t logged in! I’ll have to get into that. Are many people using it?
Do you have Facebook? Was thinking we should make a group on there or something!


So far only one person had messaged on the 1/03 but no response yet, you’re the first person I’ve talked to in here!
Yeah add me, Becca Webber :slight_smile:


I’m also on this trip
Traveling solo and from Melbourne too.
I’ll be staying at wombats for 2 nights before the trip :slight_smile:


Hey Caity! Perfect! Do you have a Facebook? Another girl, Naydene & I are trying to get a group chat going :slight_smile:
My fb name is Becca Webber


oh god I only just saw this! a group chat definitely sounds like a good idea. ill add you :slight_smile: