Euro Odyssey


I’m doing the Euro Odyssey tour on the 18th of Sep just wondering if anyone else is doing this tour?
I’m going solo and it’s my first overseas trip, so would be great to hear from anyone in this group.


I’m booked in, are you still going?



Hi Emz and Jockg,

Im also on this trip however I pick it up in Prague which is halfway through the Odyssey tour your on. This is my first OS trip also and I cant wait. Would be great to know a few people before getting there. Im a Male from Melbourne.

Hopefully hear from you all soon.



Hey, Finally…Was beginning to think i was the only one on this tour!!! I’m all booked and paid for but i now have my friend Clare coming with me which will be fun. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m Female from Melbourne and Clare is Female from Western Australia.
looking forward to meeting you both :slight_smile:




We should all join a FaceBook group, see the one below:



Woohoo, I was hoping that I would hear back.

Im also doing a tour prior to this onefrom London to Italy and then some free time before flying to Prague to meet up with you guys and girls. As I said Im a solo traveller so will be great to joing the group which ill do shortly.

Also great to hear someone from melbourne is going along. Now Im starting to really look forward to it because its getting so close. I leave Melbourne on the 5th of Sept so the nerves are starting to kick in being the first OS trip and doing it solo!

Anyways, the name is Aaron so when I come accross you both in Prague on the 29th were off to a head start.



It’s fantastic too know that i have a fellow Melbourne traveller… 5th of september wow you are having a nice amount of time. When do you head back to Melbourne?

I’ll have to check out that link above too.

Well i’m really excited i can’t wait to meet everyone.

We arrive in London 0n the 17th and we are staying at the Umi hotel.

Cheers :wink:



Hi Em,

Yep, will be over for a month and a bit so looking forward to the adventure. I leave London on the 10th of October to head back to Melbs. Im flying Qantas for the return leg out of Heathrow. How about yourself, whats your return date.

Have a look at Jocks page he created and maybe PM your details to me via Facebook email.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.